Ambrette Seed Tincture

This is the third batch of ambrette seed tincture I made and the first one that satisfies me.

The only reference materials I have are the SCO2 and CO2 extracts I once bought at Liberty Natural. Those extracts are approximately ten times stronger, so I compare my 30% tincture with a 3% dilution SCO2/CO2 in IPM.
The tincture resembles more the SCO2 and, fortunately, is completely lacking the cumin-like notes the CO2 carries.
In the beginning it shows a nuttiness like the SCO2, but dryer, less fruity. And soon develops an amazingly clean, white-musky scent. Longevity on a blotter is at least one day. Sniffing hard I can still detect some traces on the strip after two weeks.

Ambrette T