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Apart from the free samples you can choose when checking out, here is an additional option to get to know some fancy stuff (the free sample selection is different to this one).

Select 12 samples and copy/paste them into the order comment when checking out.
All samples are diluted and come in 2 ml brown glass screw neck bottles.

Ambre 83 (Symrise)
Auranone (Firmenich)
Corinal (Firmenich)
Corps Eglantine (Symrise)
Cortexal (Firmenich)
Costus 184037 (Firmenich)
Cuir Base (Firmenich)
Folial (Firmenich)
Grisambrol 947169 (Firmenich)
Grisambrol 947173 (Firmenich)
Iris concr. synth. L199 (Firmenich)
Iris concr. synth. 184032 (Firmenich)
Jasmin 231 (Firmenich)
Narcisse Base (Firmenich)
Nectarol SA (Firmenich)
Oud synth. 184007
Romascone (Firmenich)
Trifernal (Firmenich)
Verdone (IFF)
Vert de Citron MGNFD (Firmenich)
CIVETTE SYNTH 184014 (Firmenich)
CIVETTE SYNTH 039648 (Firmenich)
CIVETTINEĀ® CONC. 039639 (Firmenich)
CIVETTE SYNTH 170 L (Firmenich)


Cistus oil concentrated HTC (Payan Bertrand)
Fumencens HTC (Payan Bertrand)
Helichrysum HT absolute (Charabot)
Helichrysum HTC (Payan Bertrand)
Myrrhe HT absolute (Charabot)
Peru oil HTC (Payan Bertrand)
Pineneedle absolute vulcain (Firmenich)
Styrax oil HTC (Payan Bertrand)
Styrax oil concentrated HTC (Payan Bertrand) [English]

0,00 EUR

High Temperature (Colourless) Materials
9 samples, 2 ml each
diluted in unadulterated ethanol (96.4%)

Payan Bertrand:
Fumencens HTC 20%
Peru oil HTC 20%
Cistus oil concentrated HTC 20%
Styrax oil HTC 20%
Styrax oil concentrated HTC 20%
Helichrysum HTC 20%

Myrrhe HT absolute 5%
Helichrysum HT absolute 5%

Pineneedle absolute vulcain 10%

12,50 EUR
incl. 19,00% VAT. plus shipping and handling